An EVP is your promise, as an employer, of what you will give to your employees in return for their time, loyalty and productivity. It’s often a bold, compelling yet genuine statement that defines you. It acts as a filter and a magnet, getting the right people to apply.

  1. 1 Tagline dedicated to HR
  2. 2 Design made to appeal to your audience
  3. 3 Custom call to action
  4. 4 Copywriting crafted for human connection and search engine optimization

Creating an EVP is an art

The Foundry by Monster creates powerful and memorable EVPs. It’s all about balancing facts, data, emotions, and technology.

Our proven 6-step methodology is handled by smart EVP strategists who are supported by a team of web designers, SEO experts, copywriters, and data analysts. All of which will be working for you to create and define your unique message.

Uncover & Create

At the end of the project, you will receive:

  • Our initial research findings
  • Internal and external surveys results and analysis
  • Recap of the agreements made during the brainstorming session
  • HR tagline, call to action and EVP message (“about us”, “working here” and “our culture” sections)
  • Employer Brand Guidelines including advice on tone, personas, visual style and media channels to leverage
  • Recommendations for tools, activities and partnerships to help make your EVP a reality
  • KPIs to monitor