Job seekers are everywhere. They shop their jobs just like they shop online, drifting from one site to the other.

At The Foundry by Monster, we know that each audience has its own unique habits and that, in order to get in front of them, you need the right media blend.

Our Online Visibility Campaigns are tailored for your needs. You need more candidates for a retail seasonal campaign? Maybe aerospace engineers? Or what about AI specialists?

We’ve got you covered. We know where they hang out, and we will get your ads right where they need to be, to get clicked on.

How do we get you at the right place?

With the right platform and the right targeting strategy, everything is possible:

  • On Monster, you have premium access to engaged candidates. With our Monster Audience Network, attract the right candidates faster with multi-channel campaigns, placed on Monster and on high-trafficked sites on our network.
  • On Google, you will have access to millions of users. Our Google Ads Campaign Manager will help define your target and book and optimize your campaign to reach your goals.
  • Facebook and Instagram are two of the most effective platforms to reach specific audiences and with extremely precise targeting. We make them work for you.

These campaigns include:

  • Definition of the audience
  • Media buying
  • Optimization
  • Reporting
  • Ad creation

Our Clients