Now that we’ve got your attention… what can our employer branding experts actually offer you? We’ve got a whole host of products and services that come with The Foundry experience. Everything can be tailor-made to suit YOUR needs.

Employer Value Proposition (EVP)

We create and deploy compelling Employer Value Propositions. Based on our proven 6-step methodology, we research, assess, validate and create on point messaging for your audiences.

Your EVP can be used on your career website, for your recruitment projects and your internal activities. It is a living statement that will give the appropriate tone to your culture. A strong EVP increases the conversion rate (number of applicants) and improves retention rate.


Responsive Career Websites

We create and host your Responsive Career Website to promote your message to job seekers.

Full career websites, landing pages for specific roles that can be tricky to fill, an online hiring event platform, and talent community tools are just the tip of the iceberg. Everything we build is to attract and convert job seekers. All of our projects are packed with Google Analytics so you know in real time what’s going on.

Online Visibility Campaigns

We strategize to put together the most relevant Online Visibility Campaigns that will make your brand and your company shine.

We believe that once your EVP and your website become a true reflection of your company’s identity, you must start promoting to your audience through every possible avenue. In doing so, you’re guaranteed to see a huge difference in your results.

Diversity Landing Pages

Diversity makes your workforce stronger. Our landing pages made for diversity help you reach specific audiences such as women in STEM or leadership roles, Veterans and young graduates.

These pages will address their very own challenges and ease their application process. This way, you show how diversity matters to you, allow candidates to ensure they fit with your company and, could showcase some employee stories as an appreciation of their value.

Hard-to-Fill Roles Landing Pages

We help you create landing pages for those roles that can be harder to recruit for.

Engage with more job seekers than ever before and make sure no role is left sitting on the shelf! With pages created specifically for roles, you can have targeted online campaigns redirected to this page and get you the best possible return on your investment.

Technology for HR

HR departments, you have daunting tasks: find the right people to fill the organization’s needs in an ever-changing world; bring the best and brightest into your organization quickly, and help develop your workforce to meet the needs of the organization and the people within it.

You juggle tight deadlines, compliance and reporting requirements, and often technology holds you back. Our Applicant Tracking System, our edgy Talent Community with CRM features and our partnership with TextRecruit will blow your mind away.

Monster Software Solutions are technologies developed to help you find, hire and develop your workforce better and more efficiently than ever before.

Our Clients


We trust them with our employer brand as they really understand the challenges we face. Discount is extremely pleased with this partnership.

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