We are The Foundry by Monster, an employer branding agency specialized in everything-job-seeker-and-employer.

We are a big-idea, good-enough-is-not-enough, nuts-and-bolts team of digital strategists, digital recruitment and branding experts. We help HR professionals, marketers and business owners create and promote their employer brand and become employers of choice. #wegetthingsdone

We create impactful employer value propositions, effective career websites, engaging social presence and far reaching online campaigns, so your company and your open positions will be seen by the right people and applied to by the profiles you want to hire.

We are dedicated to excellence and hold a strong partnership with our clients. Our team is solid, well-versed and perform to the highest standards. We stand firmly behind our clients and work to support their growth and recruitment goals, whatever they may be.


The Foundry exists because every one of us wants to change the world. #nopressure

Our mission is to transform the job seeker experience; through effective career websites, employer value propositions and strong employer branding.

Ever wonder why you aren’t attracting the right candidates? Your employer story needs to be uncovered. Simply put, the right story attracts the right applicants. And we’re here to help.

Our advice for you? In a few words: BE BOLD. BE COMPELLING. BE GENUINE.

We do what we do because we know that employers that present themselves in the right way will hire the right people and retain them.

Happy employees = happy employers = happy world!

So, let’s get to work. Let’s create your story with a compelling employer value proposition, a state-of-the-art career website and all the content needed to make you a top of mind employer. Your competition is doing it too… It’s time to get the ball rolling! #actnow


The Foundry came to the table with new ideas to keep our employer brand fresh and sleek. We are looking forward to our continued partnership with them!